Monday, August 3, 2009

Global Demand for Wheat Down

Wheat Market

Wheat futures continue their downward slide as they are down a whopping 33 percent from the same time last year, and the overall market looks to continue to be bearish, as international demand continues to slide.

“The wheat market is in a slumber,” Stuart Richardson, Australian commodity management spokesman for the Melbourne- based company, said today. “Flour mills around the world have generally entered the new season with greater stocks in their supply line than the year before.

“There is plenty of wheat available competing for limited demand, so the fundamental market picture is bearish,” Richardson added, which updated estimated wheat prices for Australian farmers. “Production risk is diminishing in the northern hemisphere, with the winter wheat harvests almost complete in the U.S. and well advanced in the European Union and Black Sea region.”

For the second month in a row wheat futures have fallen, and wheat speculators and hedge fund managers are increasing their short positions in the golden grain, believing they haven't yet reached their lows.

Wheat Market

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